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Get a Handful of M83’s New Album, “Junk”

French electronic band, M83, best known for making use of their keen ear for musical instruments infused with a smack of an artificial orchestra that comes warmer than a French croissant. Having a consistent career over the last decade, M83 has been fairly regular with releasing a full-length effort with a few E.P.’s sprinkled here and there. From their full-time contribution to 2013’s Oblivion soundtrack (the film, not the  Bethesda game, sadly), to their “nostalgia-done-right” album, entitled “Hurry Up We’re Dreaming,” there’s truly been very few bumps that have affected the quality and output of their music.

Almost acting as the closest thing an electronic band can get to being classically trained, their new 2016 effort, entitled “Junk,” could definitely be considered a misnomer.  Although this album marks the departure of Morgan Kibby, their longtime associate in keyboards, their newest effort possesses the party they need to keep people interest. Many of their work is highlighted by the foreboding tones and instrumentations that tell a story far deeper than the lyrics, but “Junk” is the perfect answer to an enjoyable album that has just enough bells and whistles to make it a respectable, seasoned effort, yet not associate the word “party” with “careless.” “Junk” is another example from M83 that displays how seriously they take their production and final product, for there is not one track on the album that sounds unfinished.

M83 – Go! Feat Mai Lan (Audio)

Released on April 10th, 2016, one of the signature highlights is the Indie-infused funk track backed by female vocalist, which combines Rock’N’Roll instruments and George Michael-inspired brass foiling the backbeat to give you a track that an EDM fan would almost rather not like. While it possesses a rock/EDM infused drop, a damned good guitar solo, “Go!” is an infectious, sugary track that has enough electronic influence to make it fit into the album creatively, but separates itself as a key track that shakes the foundations of what our favorite genres are. To give the album a specific description of sound would almost be impossible, for the genius riffs and offbeat tonal colors make the work a consistent effort, while all of the tracks are tied together by the acoustic piano that creates a memorable line from each track. If you are looking for a new non-genre album that brings you back to the days of M83 being the “theme song” of sorts for millennial TV, you will be seriously blown away by the proportion of infectious hooks on this latest electronic banger.

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