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Reach For The “Sky” As Kristina Sky & Betsie Larkin Rock Talking Stick Resort On July 10th

Ever since the dawn of music, poetry, or frankly anyone who has made work and wished not to use their birth name have invented a mononym or nickname of sorts: Diplo, John Wayne, Deadmau5, etc; sometimes the name of an artist will be the first thing to catch your eye depending on its originality. The names Kristina Sky and Betsie Larkin may sound like two girls from your high school days, but judge them not by their name, but the incredible quality that comes out of your speakers. While there may be less female DJs than their male counterparts,  both Kristina Sky and Betsie Larkin offer unique stylings that sets them apart and highlights them both as strong musical individuals.

Starting off with Kristina Sky, this femme fatale focuses her energy on rapid fire trance-induced house hits that mirror a musical AK-47 than anything you’ve heard. One of the best example of her style, Audacious (Melodic Mix) with Orla Feeney released on VANDIT Records (a Paul Van Dyk label), boasts a specific knowledge of not necessarily the melodic riffs we are used to, but focuses her energy on the buildup that eventually leads to a simple, yet dance-worthy breakdown as the song comes to its crescendo.

Kristina Sky creates mixes that have a distinct west-coast feel, which makes her performance on the same bill with Betsie Larkin even more exciting as we listen to the two parallel coasts of the United States will indeed give it the “dueling pianos” effect. Kristina Sky, on her other various live sets tacking her Soundcloud account, reflect how far trance has come and how it is integrating itself into the modern scene. While Audacious is indeed a collaboration, what seems to be one of the new muses in house is paving an asphalt path for her own stardom.

On the other side of the ticket, we have Betsie Larkin, who also boasts large credits from Armin Van Buuren, but hales from the mighty NYC, the opposite coast of our friend, Kristina Sky. Betsie Larkin not only boasts slick skills on the boards, but also possesses a sweet coo of a voice that has dominated clubland hits like her song with Rising Star, Again, remixed by Andrew Rayel. What can confuse anyone who researches her work is, you can’t really pinpoint if she is the singer behind the track, or the one handling production; surprisingly enough, this NYC new heavy-weight handles both the “back of the house” and the “front of the house” with having a knack for adding vocals to her music, yet also providing more than enough interesting sets on her Soundcloud account.

Comparing these two multi-talented vixens would not only be difficult, but could also cause some tension for fans who find certain styles of house and trance dominant over the other (good ole fashioned Hip-Hop coast battles anyone?), but catch these two heavyweights on July 10th, 2016 at the Talking Stick Resort, 11 am, for another successful Release pool party to get you set, get you wet, and get you ready to escape that Arizona heat.

Connect With Kristina Sky: Facebook | Official Website | Twitter | Soundcloud

Connect With Betsie Larkin: Facebook | Official Website | Twitter | Soundcloud

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