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Christmas Has Arrived Early: Deadmau5’s W:/2016ALBUM/ Has Hit The Mainframe

We at RB are no fools in admitting that 2016 has been one hell of a year on all accounts — including music. Aside from the mad world that keeps spinning around us, some of the most prolific, emotional, and masterful works have been released in this time of uncertainty. Today is definitely a treat, for there is no uncertainty to be found in the world of dance —Deadmau5 dropped his new album today,.

First under our magic Christmas/Non-Denominational Pine Tree of gifts, Deadmau5 had recently released a very technical-sounding album that actually brings his sounds back to the likes of one of his early singles, “Not Exactly.” With a strange production mix likening itself to 2009 Daft Punk mixed with some original techno jams, the aggravatingly-spelled W:/2016ALBUM/ is just as funkatronic, just as much as it displays its 8-bit influences that make you realize why he named the album after a file destination as if it came straight from his desktop.

What makes this album digestible for the awkward holiday family season, trademarks the album by providing slower and funkier sounds than we have experienced in the past. There are definitely banger moments, but what makes this a surprise from the Deadmau5 heyday of 2009 is that he’s not only accessing sounds that put him in the mainstream, but is looking for a more restrained approach. With the beginning of the album approaching a more muted standpoint, track five (“Glish”) is when the album truly comes to a crescendo and picks up the pace. For the December 2nd, 2016 release of Deadmau5’s newest 2016 effort, W:/2016ALBUM/ is straight-up gritty, low-key, and understated. In exchange for those traits, he has given us an album that truly shows that he is attentive to his own sound, and he’s ready to take the scene back. Check out the album mini-mix below to get a sample before you pick up the album:

Deadmau5 – W:/2016ALBUM/ Minimix

While with the last Christmas gift we opened today on December 2nd was a full solo-effort (minus a guest-spot on Deadmau5’s lead single), I think it’s safe to say at this point that he deserves to showcase his talent in the best way possible. Yes, folks, we know how much you love guest-spots and vocalists, but what has made his music prolific is his dedication to sick instrumentals that transcend genres. In what way you ask? W:/2016ALBUM follows the trend that Deadmau5 set for himself: to create instrumentals that combine not only robotic and techno influences, but one that is inclusive of riffs that make you always say to yourself, “this is none other than Deadmau5.” Pick up his newest album, “W:/2016ALBUM,” and get ready for one of the most chilled-out good vibes of the winter season. 

Dont miss Deadmau5 at Decadence New Years Eve for a wild night!

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