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Zhu Takes on Migos’ “Bad and Boujee”

Zhu has become known for his darker styles of house music. The moody track “Faded” was an anthem of 2014 and put him on the map as one-to-watch. He followed that with his Genesis Series EP in 2015 that was equally captivating. His unique take on music is appreciated amongst a saturated market.

Migos‘ track “Bad and Boujee” sat at the top of the Hot 100 charts for weeks. A song this popular is sure to get it’s share or remixes.The latest to take on this track is none other than Zhu and it’s one of our favorites. He first premiered the remix at Air + Style in California. It quickly blew up and just days later he released the full track.

He keeps the song recognizable but adds his signature Zhu sound:

Zhu mellows the song with a mysterious beat and drip drop bassline. He slows down the lyrics and adds some of his own distinct vocals to the song. This is Zhu’s first release since his debut album last summer, GENERATIONWHY. It’s an exciting flip of the massive track.

See all that Zhu can do when he takes on the Phoenix Lights stage Sunday, April 9th. Get tickets here.

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