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4 Artists to Look for on Holy Ship! 2018

The Holy Ship! Lineups for 10.0 and 11.0 dropped last week, along with my jaw. Holy Ship! has been one of the most sought-after festivals since it’s creation in 2012 by HARD founder, Gary Richards. This exclusive, 4,000 person festival is held on a cruise sailing from Port Canaveral in Florida to the Bahamas. Every year the lineups for the two-weekend event are even more killer than the last and this year is no exception. Both weekends are chock full of amazing artists you’ve never heard of, so I’m taking it upon myself to introduce you.

Infinity Ink 

Infinity Ink is a duo straight from London, comprised of Luca Cazal and Ali Love, that have been releasing bumpin’ music since 2012. Their music gives off a laidback house vibe that tacks lyrical melodies along with it. In 2012, they released one of their most played songs on Soundcloud, “Infinity.”

Josh Pan

Josh Pan is one of the most expressive artists in the industry.  His tracks are truly a breath of fresh air by recording based solely on what he is feeling and trying to get his audience to feel through his music. Not only that but many of his recent tracks are absolute bangers. One of my favorite of Pan’s tracks is “Tomahawk,” which features a filthy trap beat and dialogue assuring his listeners that this song “is going to be the biggest festival banger of all time.” Humor and EDM don’t usually mix but Josh Pan has managed to blend the two while making great music at the same time.

Louis Futon

Louis Futon has been the master of fun-loving tracks since 2014. The first song of his I ever heard two years back was “Wasted On You” feat. ROZES. This song was, and still is, so unique with its incredible beat and synth-y rhythm. I listened to this song on repeat for probably a week. In recent months, Futon has been releasing the funkiest remixes of hip-hop artists such as Kendrick Lamar, Tyler the Creator, Anderson Paak, and more. One of my personal favorite remixes from Louis is his remix of “U Rite” by THEY. This track differs from his usual funk and diverts into a deeper beat. Futon’s range in style definitely makes him one to keep an eye on.


If you’re not interested in House, Trap, or Funk, perhaps you’ll prefer the head banging styles of Crankdat. Year after year, he has released originals, remixes and Re-Cranks that will have everyone on their feet. One particular Re-Crank was for producer, Graves’ song “Say Things.” This track features a high pitched lyrical voice mixed with a similarly high pitched and fast paced drop. Crankdat is still on the come-up and opening for huge names like Slushii and Krewella, so make sure to see him before he sells out his own tours!

You can get your Holy Ship! tickets here.

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