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It’s Time to Turn Up with Two Owls

Finding a new artist you love is one of life’s greatest joys, but finding an artist who you love with a captivating backstory to their success, that’s the best. Two Owl’s story evoked this experience for me and it’s a story I can’t help but share. Insomniac said it best with their tale of Nightowls: And Then There Were Two (Owls) check it out here.


Now that you know their story, it’s time to see them in action. Andrew Sierra (owl 1) and Scotty Dro (owl 2) are joining Party Favor and Krane on the Monster Outbreak Tour in Tucson tomorrow, at the Rialto theater. Their bassy ways and trap tendencies are forecasted to shake the Rialto walls and vibrate your cells. Their most recent emotion-filled track “Waking Up The Dead” has been featured in countless mixes and sets, and it will definitely be one of those drops that you’ll want your snap chat open and ready on. Having these two migrate to the west is a lucky feat for this Friday the 13th. Grab your tickets here and come fly with Two Owls.

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