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RB Exclusive Interview: Bonnie X Clyde – EDM’s BFF Goals

Close your eyes and imagine your mainstage woe, festie bestie, or rave biffle. You’re instantly flooded with memories of frolicking from stage to stage, drinking a $12 lemonade, and sharing some of life’s most magical moments. Together you’ve mastered “fun”. Now imagine instead of gazing up at the LED screens from the rails you’re behind the decks listening to fans passionately scream your songs, the songs you wrote with your best friend. For many of us, this is a daydream we fall into regularly, but for Bonnie X Clyde this is their today, tomorrow, and 10 years from now.

In a mere 2 years since they’re first release “The Ride,” the two have ventured to new continents and time zones to share their vocal bass. We were lucky enough to have the duo come out for BOO! AZ this past Saturday to spook us with their frightening good talent. Starving to get to know Paige and Daniel better, I sat down with them after their show to ask them a few questions about what it’s like to actually be living the best life, also I didn’t have breakfast that day (see photo).2017-10-17_1004

You two have had a whirlwind of success in the past two years. When you debuted “We Rise” did you ever think it would bring you all that it has?

Daniel: “Yes, we believed in it. We believed in the song when we created this. We had a very good idea of what we wanted to do when we first put out the song and we knew what was going to happen. I couldn’t envision everything that was going to happen but from DJing and being so into it I had an idea. Our strong belief in it has what pushed us through to where we are.

Paige: “I didn’t necessarily think we’d be playing for as big of crowds as we are. We are both very goal oriented people and when we go someplace and see we want, we both have it in us to make it happen. We foresaw us playing shows and doing what we’re doing right now, but ultimately no, we didn’t expect our music to take off like this. To have people sing our music is unbelievable, I mean it’s what I’ve always wanted.

Now jumping to your newest track “Torn,” was Friday the 13th a specific release date for a reason and what’s the story behind this one?

Daniel: Not really, it was the date the label gave us. When they told us the date we were just kinda like “oh that’s awesome”.

Paige: Actually not on purpose at all, but it really worked out. It really works with the vibe of the track. “Torn” isn’t like most of our tracks. A lot of our songs are really happy and I actually wrote this song a year ago, and a year ago I was just in the headspace of being kind of emotional and torn between different things. I wrote the song in like 3o minutes. Some songs take weeks or months but certain songs, like this one, just flow. I didn’t even need to edit it. Everything from production to then getting Purge involved, it all just came together. We really love them and working with them was awesome. It was just something I knew we needed to release. It shows a different side to what we’ve been doing. We’re actually doing our first music video which will be coming out in the next 2 weeks, we’re really excited about it. It will show a little artistry and a different side of us.   

I noticed you guys have recently gotten into the Vegas circuit. How did that opportunity arise and how has it been going?

Daniel: “So basically how we got in there was the right person knew the right person and showed them us in the right light at the right time. We got on the first show, it was the Marquee Dayclub at night and it was the first time of the year they did it, so they had the volume turned super low. It was so crazy, you wouldn’t believe how low the volume was. It was no fault of the hotel or anything like that it was just the hotel and club didn’t work out the noise part for the party in time. You could talk over the music and the people were screaming at us to turn it up. It was a Sunday night but it was still so cool and we adjusted. We played a little bit a different set, very different from Boo. Today we played a little bit more bass, but what we do there in Vegas, we love it. It’s so great and they treat you so well. We just really like the whole vibe…and Roulette. We really like playing Roulette.

Paige: We have a problem. We’re stuck to the Roulette table a lot.

Daniel: We just like venues like that a lot and we can’t wait to play more in Vegas. And not just pool parties but clubs. We also played EDC Vegas (art car), we love that side of Vegas as well. It was a little different but awesome. Our set was so weird. We planned our set the night before and on the way there. We just kept finding all this weird music and played the weirdest set.  

The rose has been a significant part of your branding. I’m curious to know if there is a story behind creating ‘Rose Gang’?

Daniel: Rose Gang, that’s the first time anyone has addressed the rose to us!!

Paige: I love that you said that, that’s the first time we’ve heard that, where did you get that? (uhhh, I stalked your twitter)

Daniel: We’re going to start pushing that more. And maybe even try others to see what sticks.

Paige: Well when we started using Twitter, all our friends and family wanted to know how to tell us apart so we went with emojis….a rose for me and fire for Daniel Litman–yes the pun is intended. We’ve kinda fallen off with it but we used to a lot. One the last EP we went with the whole rose thing and now it’s hella incorporated into our branding and writing. A lot of our music is about wanting someone and love and the rose works. Also, with our merch, we wanted to include them. Now we’ve started having fans throw roses at our shows and they loved it and we love it. There’s more to come with the roses….stay tuned for roses to come out of confetti!


 Alright, we’re at BOO! and Halloween is in 2 weeks, so I gotta ask, what are you guys being for Halloween this year?

Paige: We’re going to be in multiple things this Halloween so there’s no real set plan yet, but what I really want to be is criminals. At some point, I really want to go all out and steal a fan or something crazy and super criminal. But today we’re eggs and Bacon.

Daniel: The eggs and bacon thing is super cool though because we used to talk and be like “what if we did breakfast with Bonnie X Clyde” and today were dressed like this and had a breakfast meet and greet. And back when we lived in the legit hood in Florida we used to hang out at the diner every day and that’s where we would make our music plans. We love breakfast, I really like my eggs scrambled.

So there you have it. Now you know a little more about EDM’s BFF goals and you’re all set to join #rosegang.

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