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RB Halloweekend Preview: Will Clarke + Golf Clap, The ABC Tour, Wicked Ball, Underworld

One of the best weekends of the year is here–Halloweekend! And we’ve got a spooky good lineup in store. Kick it off with Will Clarke and Golf Clap at Shady Park and Angelz, Bijou, and Cizak on the ABC Tour in Flagstaff on Friday. Things get dark when we head to the Underworld at Rawhide in Chandler, Wicked Ball featuring Adventure Club & The Him at Talking Stick and another edition of the ABC Tour in Tucson on Saturday. Looking ahead to the night itself, Halloween, we’ve got one final leg of the ABC Tour’s stops in AZ and Nathan Barato and Latmun in Monarch’s Scarlet room.

10/27 – Will Clarke + Golf Clap @ Shady Park


Will Clarke, best known for his beard and beats, is a rising star among producers. He always gets us moving on the dance floor–or percolatin’–either way, we’re groovin’. With roots in Bristol and Ibiza, this Dirtybird player knows how to perfectly blend club styles and bass sound, making some absolutely bangin’ dance tracks. He made his rounds on The Barber Shop tour last year and now he’s comin’ around again with The Cuddle Club. Coming with him are pals Golf Clap, two Detroit-based producers and DJs with a hugely creative passion for house music. Spreading their talent across the map with their infectious good times, they even started their own label, Country Club Disco. They have established themselves as in-demand artists and performers in their own right, via an irresistible combination of hard work and talent.

Connect with Will Clarke: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

Connect with Golf Clap: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

10/27 + 10/28 + 10/31 – ABC Tour: Angelz, Bijou, & Ciszak


The ABC Tour statred last week and features performances by Angelz, Bijou and Ciszak, hence the “ABC” title to represent the three acts. With major house labels like Confession, Night Bass, and Dirtybird being represented on the tour, fans can expect high-energy production and deep beats all night long. We’re lucky enough to get a triple dose of the phenomenal show this weekend. On Friday, October 27th, the boys will be in Flagstaff and on Saturday, October 28th, they’ll be in Tucson. They’ll bring their musical talents to the Valley once again on October 31st, Halloween, at Shady Park in Tempe! You won’t want to miss this one.

Connect With ANGELZ: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

Connect with Bijou: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

Connect with Ciszak: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

10/28 – Underworld @ Rawhide Event Center 


Last year Hades presented an event trilogy of mythological proportions as we guided you on a journey through the three areas of the Underworld: ELYSIAN FIELDS – A place where fast, pulsating beats and electrifying energy will stimulate your soul into a gyrating state of exhilaration and delight. ASPHODEL MEADOWS – A place of driving beats and hypnotic bass lines, where the gathered host of ravers will escape all perception of time and space. TARTARUS – A place of bone-crushing BASS and devastating drops, where only the hardest dare to venture. On Saturday October 28th Hades presents The Underworld at Rawhide Event Center – A Fully Themed Halloween RAVE featuring three main stages! The lineup consists of Delta Heavy, Liquid Soul, Sikdope, Audiofreq, Black Gummy, Blunts & Blondes, Crisis Era, Mahalo, PhaseOne, R3LL, Riot, Sinden, and Triceradrops.


10/28 – Wicked Ball 2017 ft. Adventure Club & The Him @ Talking Stick Resort 


Last year’s festivities were glorious. Talking Stick Resort has a totally different feel on Halloweekend, especially when everyone is dressed up. It gives off a different vibe, but still has all the perks of the resort. Have some drinks, eat delicious food, take a chance at the casino, and even grab a room for the night! This year we have Adventure Club and The Him on site to provide some eerily good tunes and keep you dancing all night long.

Connect with Adventure Club: Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud
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