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The Return of Trap Nation

I don’t know about you, but I can definitely dedicate the discovery of some of my favorite songs to Trap Nation and their musically inclined team. The label who is seasoned in all things Trap has some exciting news that we were happy to receive. After spending some time shadows of their shining star imprint label, Lowly Place, the trapeteers are ready to take their streaming spotlight back this year (cue the cheering). Absence really does makes the heart grow fonder. We are very happy to once again be subjected to the beautiful findings and talents of Trap Nation.

Because they had to come back in style, Trap Nation kicked off their return with a track that is nothing short of traptastic. Jordan Comolli shakes things up with an ominous and sultry track that has given the label the return it deserves. If Comolli’s latest titled “All That Matters” is an auditable glimpse into what Trap Nation has in store for us well then hit that subscribe button and get ready to find some of your favorite tracks with Trap Nation this year.

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