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Wuki Releases ‘Chop It’

Wuki, born Kris Barman, recently played twice at Phoenix Lights, first at the afterparty, then on Day 2. He blew me away with both sets. Not only were they high-energy and bass-filled, full of Wuki originals (“We Like to Fuck that Shit” is my go-to get wild song now) but they also introduced me to Wuki’s genre-destroying style. Is it trap? Bass house? Dubstep? Is there some hardstyle in there? I can’t really say. He doesn’t let you label his sound, which is something that can be toxic and restraining on an artist’s talent. After Phoenix Lights, I was still thirsty for some more Wuki. Lucky for me and you, Wuki recently dropped a new banger, “Chop It”

“Chop It” begins with the seductive voice of Bri Berlay and goes right into the buildup. The lyrics “When I see champagne it’s rose,” hijack the drop and then goes into a hardstyle-esque fast beat. The way Wuki chops the melody into the beat is really entrancing and fun. That’s another trait I admire about Wuki’s music – it’s fast and fun and puts a smile on your face. Wuki’s sets were the ones I had the most fun dancing to with my friends, and I look forward to more sets (and new singles) in the near future.

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