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Remix Recall: The Best of Wuki

This week’s Remix Recall is on one of the most revolutionary and versatile remix champions ever, Grammy-nominated producer/DJ Wuki! With a massive discography full of fun edits and remixes, Wuki is an incredibly innovative musician who consistently astounds fans with his broad range of electro, bass, and house music. Wuki routinely shares new edits via his Beats I Can’t Release Instagram series, which currently has over a hundred different teasers with each one of them being an absolute banger! Lucky for us, sometimes the beats do get released! Check out some of my favorite Wuki remixes below:

“Mother’s Daughter” – Miley Cyrus (Wuki Remix)

Starting us off strong, Wuki’s remix of Miley Cyrus’ track “Mother’s Daughter” is sultry and full of fire. Wuki keeps Miley’s powerful vocals and the theme of women empowerment alive while still managing to completely flip this track upside down. This remix even earned him a Grammy nomination for Best Remixed Recording!

“As The World Caves In” – Sarah Cothran (Wuki Remix)

Full of emotion, this is one of Wuki’s most legendary edits. It transcends listeners into a peaceful atmosphere where nothing else matters. It’s guaranteed to give you chills every single time. 

“We Like to Wuki” – Vengaboys, Yo Majesty & Wuki 

This iconic edit is a mashup of Vengaboys “We Like To Party” mixed with Yo Majesty’s “Club Action.” A college party anthem to many and a staple to tons of festival sets. Fun fact: this track took 5+ years to get the OK on being released before making its way out of the Beats I Can’t Release series. 

“Coming In Hot” – Andy Mineo & Lecrae (Wuki Remix)

Makes you want to move! An upbeat banger that is silly and creative. 

“Closer” – The Chainsmokers feat. Halsey (Wuki Remix)

Wuki really knows how to put a signature spin on every track he touches. The unexpected beat drop makes this a mind-blowing remix of this Chainsmoker classic.

“No Money” – Galantis (Wuki Remix)

A hard edit of this dancefloor anthem was very much needed and Wuki did not disappoint! You never know which way he will flip a track, but you can always guarantee you’ll be impressed.

Wuki is bringing his abundance of hits (unreleased ones included) to Sunbar in Tempe this Friday, May 19th! The Edge Tour is his biggest tour to date and you definitely don’t want to miss it! Get more info about the show and grab your tickets here.

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