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RB Deep in the Mix: Moon Boots @ Holy Ship! 2018

Moon Boots, aka Pete Dougherty, graced us earthlings with his presence back in the 80’s when he was born in Brooklyn, New York. He developed an early love of piano, which led to a passion for keyboards and synthesizers, followed by countless nights exploring the many facets of music, specifically from the likes of Daft Punk and A Tribe Called Quest. He spent time at Princeton University studying engineering, before eventually walking away to dive in full force to the world of music. His big break came when he met Persueus, founder of the R&B-infused French house label, French Express. Since joining the French Express crew, Moon Boots has accumulated an impressive discography and grown into other ventures that have helped launch his career. His debut album, First Landing, was released last year via Anjunadeep, and today, Moon Boots has perfected his unique, disco-house sound that’s impossible not to dance to.

This week’s RB Deep in the Mix comes from Moon Boots’ set at Holy Ship! this past January. Have a listen below.

With an hour and fifteen minutes of eerie, otherworldly synths and disco-house beats, this mix will literally transport you to outer space, and you’ll be dancing the entire way. What makes Moon Boots so magical, a trait that is evident in this set, is his ability to combine hazy, soulful melodies with the underground sound he built his foundation on, resulting in a combo so unique we can’t help but stop and listen.

Catch Moon Boots on the RB Deep stage at Goldrush festival in Chandler this coming September. You can get all the info you need, see the full lineup, and buy tickets here.

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