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Artist Spotlight: Bob Moses

Blending the sounds of indie-rock and electronic beats are long-time friends Tom Howie and Jimmy Vallance, performing under the moniker Bob Moses. Howie and Vallance first crossed paths as high schoolers in Vancouver, Canada; their deep love and appreciation for music earned them a mutual respect, but it wasn’t until later in life that the two became inseparable friends.

Initially, the musicians followed divergent roads, with Vallance chasing the sounds of trance and progressive house, and Howie pursuing singing-songwriting in the indie-rock genre. Their paths converged serendipitously in Brooklyn’s underground scene in 2012, and the synergy shared between the two led to the birth of Bob Moses. 

In the early years of Bob Moses, the duo found a home with the label Scissor & Thread, where they released their EP Hand to Hold; a couple EPs and a few years later, Vallance and Howie joined Domino Records. In 2015, Bob Moses released their debut album, Days Gone By, catapulting them into the national spotlight when the album’s track “Tearing Me Up” took the country by storm, earning the duo a Grammy nomination. 

The duo’s smoky, ambient soundscapes collapses the divide between atmospheric deep house and moody electro-pop, seamlessly blending elements of classic songwriting, pulsing grooves, and gloomy synths. Though their sound appeals to club goers and rock fans alike, 2020 brought out the club-driven side of Bob Moses—as well as their first ever collaborative track. Teaming up with house maestro Zhu for the titular track on their 2020 EP Desire, Bob Moses showcases their flair for production and mixing over the course of six continuously mixed tracks, taking listeners on a journey to the depths of a brooding club. 

The past two years have been full of exciting changes for the electronic duo, including their sensational 2021 collaboration with Elderbrook (“Inner Light”), a new record label, and third full-length album, titled The Silence in Between.

Currently on tour, Bob Moses will be bringing their club set (and inner light) to this year’s Goldrush Festival, from October 7th-9th at the Phoenix Raceway. Click here to purchase tickets. 

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