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KRANE Releases ‘SESSIONS, Vol. 2’

KRANE, known for his ethereal sound is a heavenly future bass creation laced with chill trap, forming something original and easy to vibe with. His highly anticipated album Fallout has a variety of unique remixes and a tour attached to it, and that’s only one of his recent accomplishments. He created SESSIONS, an album curated to highlight the hidden talents of other up-and-coming producers. The album is composed of his sessions with these producers, who send KRANE their unfinished projects, which he collaborates with them to finish. Speaking on this unique concept, KRANE says, “SESSIONS is a way for me to cultivate a community of producers to collaborate on tracks with. It’s not about the genre, follower numbers or brand. It’s about the music, and featuring producers on the come-up that few people have heard of, but have the potential to rise. It’s also a way for me to get back to my roots, remain experimental and just focus on the music and have fun.” His first SESSIONS was so successful that now we have a new blend of producers and sound: SESSIONS, Vol. 2.

The sequel features a wide spectrum of genres, from blissful future bass with a crooning vocalist to tracks that are a little more trap-heavy. While each collab track has something completely original to bring, they all have a delicious melody, creative sound production, and of course talent from both KRANE and the individual artists. KRANE’s sessions are a gift both to the artists given the chance to work with him and to the fans that can’t get enough of his genre-blending production.

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