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Get to Know Slushii Through His Animated Story Time Series

It’s been a busy year for Slushii. In March he released his Out of Light album, in addition to five singles between February and June. He also just debuted his Insomniac Radio station, Brain Freeze Radio, and has kept up with a non-stop touring schedule including stops at EDCLV 2018. That doesn’t mean the colorful, sweet treat of a producer hasn’t been taking the time to connect with his fans in fun and inventive ways, such as his Animated Story Time series.

It all started last summer when Slushii was admitted to a hospital in Paris following his Lollapalooza performance for an appendectomy. Fast-forward to January of 2018 and Slushii uploads an animated story that detailed the whole ordeal. It features animation comparable to your favorite adult cartoon, including a vibrant (and awfully adorable) version of the man himself.


The Appendix Story was the first video in what has become a thrilling adventure series. Four more videos have been uploaded since January telling the stories of how Slushii met Will Smith, his love for Yu-Gi-Oh, how he survives on Sushi, and his experience with a shady pizza dealer. While there’s no regular upload schedule, these monthly (more or less) videos have furthered Slushii’s connection with his fanbase.

A comment under his first video reads, “I’m liking the direction Slushii is going with his YouTube channel. I can tell he’s experimenting and getting more connected with his fans. From music, vlogs, streams, tour/show recaps, & now these sick animations? Yep, I’m definitely liking where Slushii is going with this.” So do we!

We love all that Slushii does, whether it be animated shorts or producing hot tunes, and we can’t wait to see what he brings to Goldrush this September. Don’t miss out–grab tickets here.

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