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Aire Atlantica Presents NEST HQ MiniMix

If you haven’t heard of Aire Atlantica…you have been in the dark, my friend. Fortunately for you, it is my job to bring you into the light! Joe Pincus, the man behind Aire Atlantica, has been producing on labels such as Wall Recordings, Dim Maks, and Spinning Records. After taking a hiatus to evolve, Aire Atlantica has finally been able to hone his sound.

AA has remixed of Lorde and The White Stripes to Hotel Garuda and Billie Eilish, not to leave out his incredible original tracks including the trilogy “April,” “May,” and “June.” Lucky for us, he has put these all in one mix for our enjoyment.

If you’re coming off a Lost Land buzz, or you’re just tired of head-banging, this mix is for you. With some hip-hop vibes and fun flowy beats that will make your day stress-free, I highly recommend you give this guy a listen.

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