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Alison Wonderland Talks Mental Health

It’s been said that the best art comes from those who have experienced the most pain. While, objectively, this might be true, far too many artists are subject to such distress. Unfortunately, in our society, mental health has a negative stigma associated with weakness, making it a difficult topic to discuss.

Alison Wonderland has risen above this stigma multiple times in her career, especially as her fame increases. If you listen to her music, the lyrics don’t beat around the bush. It’s clear that AW has experienced things in her life that she’s thankfully been able to put into art to make those of us who’ve experienced similar things feel less alone.

In a post on Twitter and Facebook, Wonderland opened up about how it feels to be a solo artist on the road. “This isn’t healthy for the mind. There are ways to adjust but it is an issue I wish was spoken about more. I did see an amazing article in the Guardian recently. As much as it doesn’t seem that way on the outside its easy to feel a little.. Umm.. Off. It’s hard to relate sometimes.”

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I hyperlinked the Guardian article for anyone who wants a deeper understanding into the lives of those who make music and tour for a living. Alison ends her post in affirming that she couldn’t be more grateful for her job and her passion being one in the same. “I’m writing this more for education and understanding,” she concludes.

With all the recent tragedies that have struck the music industry, educating the masses is more important than ever. For a lot of us, it’s easy to assume the grass is always greener on the other side. It’s so important for musicians and people who share these feelings to speak up and remind us that even the people who “have it all” struggle with the same as those of us who maybe aren’t quite as well-off.

Whatever the problem may be, it’s important to seek help in any capacity you can and remember that there’s so many who can relate and here to help.

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