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Women’s History Month: Female DJs to Celebrate

The electronic music industry has historically been a male-dominant space, but within recent years many female DJs and producers have begun to rise within the EDM community. During this Women’s History month, we are celebrating some of our favorite female DJs and jamming out to the music they have created to empower us all.

Alison Wonderland


Alexander Sholler, known as Alison Wonderland, has become one of the most well-known DJs and is acclaimed for her unique future bass music. The Australian DJ and singer has also used her voice to speak out on mental health awareness and has gained a large amount of support through her fans and other producers in doing so. Alison Wonderland also gives us a taste of her singing in many of her songs, allowing us to sing along while we vibe to her music. Some of Alison Wonderland’s top songs you should check out include “I Want U”, “Peace”, and “Run”.

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Rezz, Drezo, & i_o @ Rawhide | 190308 | Photos by Jacob Tyler Dunn

Isabelle Rezazadeh, known as Rezz, has gained a huge fan base who loves her for her alien-like, high bass, techno sounds. Rezz has dropped two studio albums, along with multiple single and EP releases, and recently announced she has completed another full-length album. Some bangers by Rezz you should listen to are “Edge”, “Dark Age”, and “Synesthesia”.

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Level Up

Not Another DJ: Level Up - LA Weekly

Sonya Broner, known as Level Up, has begun to gain popularity within the dubstep scene after touring with Subtronics and collabing with other well-known labels such as Deadbeats. Level Up has remained busy during COVID-19, as she has traveled across the country and performed in numerous drive-in and pod rave events. A few neck-breakers by Level Up that I recommend are “Scared of the Dark”, “Glass Mask”, and “No Luck”.

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Emily Mucha, known as Vampa, is a young dubstep artist already making a name for herself through collaborations with labels such as Black Tiger Sex Machine’s Kannibaleen Records and Zed’s Dead’s Deadbeats. Vampa has a weird and wonky sound to her bass that makes her stand out and makes the rest of us listen to her in awe. “Chillin, Killin”, “Shapeshifting”, and “Blood Moon” are a few of Vampa’s songs you should listen to during this Women’s History Month.

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Emily Rose, known as Lucii, is rising up in the EDM community through her euphoric style singing alongside her nasty bass drops. Lucii is part of Liquid Stranger’s label, Wakaan, and is becoming one of the faces of the Space Bass genre. Some of my favorite wubs by Lucii include “I Need Your High”, “Neptune”, and “Me and You”.

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Women are continuing to gain popularity within the EDM industry, and hopefully this Women’s History Month, the support for female artists will continue to grow, and each one of their bangers we play will help advance them in the community.

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