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Celebrate the Fall Equinox with Of The Trees’ ‘Harvest’ EP

Of The Trees has gifted the bass community with four new chilled-out tracks just in time for the start of fall—or, for those of us in Arizona, just in time for the slow waning of summer. Tyler Coombs (a.k.a Of The Trees) hails from Portland, Maine, but has a growing reputation around the country. He spent the summer on the Tour de Excellence with Denver-based producer, DMVU. Just last week, his name appeared on Liquid Stranger’s popular freeform label, Wakaan, thanks to his “Stone Monkey” collaboration on Toadface’s Bugs for Breakfast.

The overall effect is a project which moves fluidly between relaxed vibes and deep drops. The sound is perfect for the season. So sit back, bump these autumnal beats below, and pray that Phoenix temperatures will soon stay below 100.

This Harvest EP feels like a beautifully-timed release on Of The Trees’ part: he is taking the opportunity to spotlight his production talents just as the summer festivities begin to die down. The four tracks each show off Of The Trees’ ability to pull elements from genres like hip-hop or trap and to then piece them together in innovative, new packages. “Everglade March” is perhaps the best example of his seamless melding of chopped rap samples.

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