Flash forward to 2018, and Luca Lush is one of the hottest names in electronic music, having toured internationally throughout last year behind a slew of popular remixes, including official releases with Ultra, Monstercat, and Columbia. His music regularly receives heavy support from the blogosphere, with frequent premieres on taste-maker site Run The Trap & Too Future.

His high-energy performances have grown a rabid international fan base, with his live sets blending a wide variety of musical genres at breakneck speed, including popular top-40 hits, throwback classics, and the latest from every genre of dance music. See for yourself below.

LUCA LUSH @ Bacardi House Party presents ROOM #2 

With countless collaborations, originals, and official remixes out and now embarking on his second coming tour, Another Life Tour, Luca Lush is surely a rising act to watch.

Lucky for us, that tour is bringing him Arizona- mark your calendars for his not one but TWO dates in AZ. Grab your ticket for either the Green Room in Flagstaff or Tempe’s Aura.