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Decadon Excites Fans With ‘Hey Bud’

Colorado-based DJ and producer Decadon just hit fans with his newest bop, “Hey Bud” and it’s unlike anything we’ve seen from the artist before. Decadon is known for his earth-shaking, seismic heavy bass sound, but in “Hey Bud” he dials down the bass a couple notches and creates a bouncy, yet relaxing upbeat banger. “Hey Bud” is more playful and light than any other track we’ve seen from Decadon before. Instead of grabbing the rail and banging heads, this track is best-enjoyed feet up, ice cold drink in hand, and friends gathered around.

Decadon hyped up the song last week, giving fans a sample and explaining that “Hey Bud” is the most feel-good song he’s ever written.

Decadon controlled the crowd this past year at Goldrush. The amount of energy he brings to the table in his live performances is mind-blowing. I remember standing at his set, jaw dropped just trying to comprehend what was happening before my eyes. If you didn’t get a chance to see Decadon at Goldrush, or you’re dying to see him again, have no fear. Decadon is returning to Arizona when he takes over Phoenix Lights 2019. Grab tickets here.

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