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Artist Spotlight: HE$H

Joey Verrando is a Dallas-based dubstep producer who goes by the stage name of HE$H, although you may have heard one of his many other monikers, including HE$HMANE, Da Skinny Juice Pimp, Afdallastan Soldier, or Young Burner, to name a few. Verrando discovered dubstep around age 13, when his sister showed him one of her CDs. He became interested in the various sounds associated with the genre, which led to his path to production.

A punk rocker and skater in his early teens, Verrando maintains that edge in his sound, and he has crafted that into his own blend of trap and dubstep.

HE$H has toured with artists like Excision and Blunts and Blondes, as well as played numerous festivals across the states, including Wobbleland and Lost Lands. This April, he’ll be adding Phoenix Lights to the list. Be sure to stop by the Invasion Stage, where he’ll be performing alongside some of the heaviest names in bass music. Click here to see the full lineup and purchase tickets.

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