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DJ to Watch: Vanic

A few words come to mind when Vanic is played in earshot: energetic, passionate, and forward-thinking, just to name a few. With dedicated fans and internet acclaim, DJ and Producer Vanic has breathed new energy into electronic music with his pop-perfect yet indie-minded future bass. Since 14′ he’s a DJ to Watch of ours as we’ve seen him put out some unforgettable tracks and achieve astounding accomplishments in the last 5 years. Main stage bangers like his remix of Zella Day’s “Hypnotic” and originals like “Samurai,” “Toon Soon,” and “Starring at the Sun” have all toppled 6 million plays and found their sound waves blaring through the speakers at some of the most coveted stages in the nation.

2019 has brought a new wave of Vanic. Just ahead of a string of G-eazy remixes, Vanic took to SoundCloud to share what looks like a new imprint called Undisclosed. Here he shares a mix that leans to the bass side of ‘future bass’. Labeled as Volume 1. We at RB are hopeful there is more to come. He also recently dropped “Good On Me” with Olivia Noelle. Check it out below.

You can catch Vanic at Phoenix Lights this April 5th and 6th. Find more info and grab tickets here.

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