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Gettin Down to the Best of Yultron

Every once in a while, an artist comes along who causes us to pause for a moment and wonder, “Why in the hell do we even have genres?” Los Angeles-born, Vegas-satelliting Yultron is a musician of such versatility whose path more resembles the forked blaze of a lightning bolt than any sort of linear progression. Cutting his teeth via classical training in piano and violin as a lad, he moved on to rock groups in college, rap/hip-hop collaborations with YG & Honey Cocaine, and his own now-infamous early experimentation blending alternative hooks within hip-hop frameworks (Skywalker mixtape, 2013). Indeed, role descriptors need to be reshuffled to describe this multitalented emcee, remixer, straight-up rapper, producer, and DJ who has of late turned to address EDM full-time, never deviating from his original operating premise: “Why not create something that hasn’t been done?”

With his can-do attitude and his flair for all things unique, he has provided some of the most memorable bangers to date. To celebrate his epic return to AZ for Phoenix Lights, we are getting down to some of his best. Check it out below.

Get’s you all hot and bothered doesn’t it? Phoenix lights is less than 2 weeks away so if you haven’t yet grab those tickets before it right HERE.

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