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BROHUG and Loge21 Unveil ‘Preacher’

What happens when you bring five individuals in on one banger of a track?  You get the creative mashup “Preacher” by Swedish trio BROHUG and French duo Loge21. The entrancing bass looped behind funky lyrics initiates an overwhelming sensation that will leave you in absolute party mode.  Both groups have produced a slew of intense tracks over the years; so, it’s wonderful to finally see them drop one together.  Check out “Preacher” below!

This bass-house collab makes it incredibly hard to not thump along with the beat.  In a time of social unrest, it’s comforting to remember we always have the escape of music – an element that unites us all regardless of color or creed.  Things may get hectic every now and then but just remind yourself, “everything’s gonna be alright” at the end of the day as long as we stick together.  So, what better way to start off on common ground then to follow BROHUG and Loge21 at the links below.

Connect with BROHUG: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

Connect with Loge21: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

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