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Another Case of the Mondays

Like any college student, there are few times I dread more than Midterms and Finals week. Like most of my peers, I typically choose to hold off on reading, studying and class participation until it’s test time, then I go straight nerd and just move into the main library at the UA. Sitting here at the computer going over history terms from the 16th century in the Ottoman Empire, it’s pretty easy to remind myself how much life sucks right now.

Luckily after wasting about an hour on Facebook, I’ve got something that was well worth the effort of clicking refresh. In 2010 at Hard Halloween one of my best friends from high school and probably my most faithful festival bro, Jared, forced me to leave the Bloody Beetroots set and go see some random dude I’d never heard of by the name of Fake Blood. As a huge fan of True Blood, I went against my initial judgement and went inside to a noticeably smaller set.

Fake Blook at Hard Mansion 2010

Dude absolutely killed it with a sound that can best be described as a tribally influenced but prominently raw dubstep. Since then, I’ve seen the UK DJ in Manchester and in London. Each time he just gets better and better. It’s dirty, its grimy but it makes you want to absolutely get down. This is the kind of music that has dominated that underground scene in the UK for years, and its incredible to see a talented artist like Fake Blood expand his influence.

If your looking for someone to blow out your speakers in your car, or just give you a little buzz when he drops the bass, give Fake Blood some love. I’m not even going to front though, if your about to go to bed and looking for some Celine Dion shit you better look elsewhere. This is meant to be played at high volumes friends.

Sway – Level Up (Fake Blood Remix)

Released literally hours ago, this banging Fake Blood Remix of Sway’s Level Up is going to keep me on the study train all night. If your trying to come aboard my suggestions to you are: listen to good music, find good music, and share good music.

Mondays dude… I swear.

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