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Coachella Dreams

After seeing the guidos pound the festival scene into the ground harder than a Jersey Shore episode at Ultra, I’m officially dying for Coachella to be here. Seriously, I know it’s four weeks out–but I don’t know I’m going to make it.

Hundreds of thousands of people around the world watched Ultra last weekend and got the impression that every festival and show these artists play looks like such a train wreck of raging.

Now I’m not hating at all on the South Beach scene, I’m just saying friends that you watched the pinnacle of an entire social scene down there. For those who may have felt a bit overwhelmed, imagine going to San Francisco and being surrounded with hipsters. Pretty standard. Now imagine going to a music festival inside San Francisco itself. First thing you’d logically picture is a festival full of hipsters with the occasional true life hippy, right? Believe it or not this social phenomena actually happens at Outside Lands. The exact same thing goes on in Miami at Ultra with the fist pumping and tanned biceps.

On the other hand, a festival like Coachella that lacks a major city’s cultural identity is that much more unique. You get people from literally all social circles from all over the world. You get people that have Coachella in their blood and seriously haven’t missed a year since the festival’s humblest origins in 1999. Heading into my third ‘chella, I’m still pretty amateur in broad scope of true Coachellism.

Coachella's Humble Beginnings

Coachella’s Humble Beginnings

It’s an investment getting there though, so for those of you who have tickets and those of you who’ve accepted your non-attendance, do a good deed today and help out someone to get to Palm Springs this April. All you have to do is visit H&M’s Coachella site and ‘like’ Instagram posts. To participate yourself, follow @HMUSA on Instagram and post pictures with the hashtag #HMCoachella in the caption.

And to give you an idea what the actual best festival in the world looks like?

Coachella 2010 – After Video

Enjoy the weekend.

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