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Your Saturday Sound Session

Saturday is and always has been the best day of the week. I made it pretty clear why Monday sucks so bad, but I gotta take a second to give my favorite day of the week a shout out. For real though, it’s common knowledge that Fridays you are still stressed out from the work week. And Sunday? Get real Sunday, you’re mellow and all, but your no Saturday.

Just to clarify, I do nothing on Saturdays. Not like I’ve had anything against Saturday, I’ve just been such a big fan I’ve started abusing my abundance of free time. I waste time every day of the week, but Saturday is my one opportunity every seven days to be completely worthless. It takes a very particular type of music to get me in the right mood on a Saturday and Pawn Stars usually take precedence over everything until that hangover disappears. But since I’m in the mood to get things done today, music is a must.

Folk and Indie music grew on me last summer. I’m not a hipster and I don’t ride a fixie but I’ve got a warm spot in my heart for the United Kingdom’s Mumford & Sons. These guys killed the festival circuit all over the world last summer and they grew to a level of prestige and fame that they never anticipated. Though two years old, their hit Little Lion Man” went global last summer and was one of the summer’s most memorable songs. At Coachella last April, this British folk band got more than 15,000 people to stop their dubstepping and sit down for what was without a doubt one of the festival’s best sets. It takes a talented group to get people to come and sit for a set with international DJs like Steve Angello and Paul van Dyke playing at the same time.

Little Lion Man Live at Coachella

As good as Mumford & Sons are, I’ve heard “Little Lion Man” a billion times and this song was desperate for a good remix. UK club DJ legend Felix Leiter must’ve been reading my mind over there across the pond because he’s just put out this brand new “Little Lion Man” remix that has me smiling every time I listen too it. Check it out below.

Mumford & Sons – Little Lion Man (Felix Leiter Remix)

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