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Has it been 21 months already since the release of deadmau5’s 4×4=12 album?

The big eared DJ has finally released his sixth album to add to his EDM resume, “> album title goes here <”. A holographic case glimmers on the outside, molding a chrome deadmau5 head into Professor Meowingtons, Joel Zimmerman’s beloved cat. Slide the album into the player and your speakers will start blaring with spinning WONK that has characterized that distinct deadmau5 sound over Joel Zimmerman’s career.

His first track, “Superliminal”, switches back and forth between a hard base and then a slow melodic tune in between. “Channel 42” is deadmau5’s second collaboration with progressive DJ Wolfgang Gartner. It’s a similar sound to the “Animal Rights” tune they did back in 2010 but still very much it’s own. At one point it’ll sound like you’re listening to the Ghostbuster theme. After the groovy mood of “Channel 42”, deadmau5’s feel good summer hit “The Veldt” feat. Chris James soothes the base. Littler known, “Fn Pig” then keeps you waiting with a long (but worth it) build up to a drop that immediately makes you move.

Then comes the club jam with a perpetual throb, “Professional Griefers”. Lyrics by Gerard Way, front man for My Chemical Romance, push the song to grungy limits. “Maths” comes in with a beep boppy build in each verse, sounding like it’s cranking the volume up at each turn. The video game intro to “There Might Be Coffee” give you a hopeful feeling, just like the name of the song implies. Once you enter the chorus of the song, a driving melody keeps you swaying as the bass pounds beneath.

There Might Be Coffee

A mix of squishy sounds and a constant steel drum flub define the song “Take Care Of The Proper Paperwork”, giving yet another unique sound to the album. “Closer” feels like it should be on deadmau5’s third, 2008 album “Random Album Title” with it’s vintage mau5-style groove and beat. Back and forth sets “October” different from the other tracks. This is a cool club track and something that would work well in a mash-up or two.

Looking to end the night on a drive home or hip cocktail lounge? The aptly named track “Sleepless” works perfectly as its unsymmetrical beat and slow moving melody carries tired club goers home after a night of partying. Probably the most unique song that deadmau5 has produced, “Failbait” has an urban sound that you’d probably play on your beats by dre as you ride your skateboard around blacktop roads. Rap lyrics by Cypress Hill further that sound even more.

At the tail end of the album, “Telemiscommunications” has a signature Imogen Heap feel. In fact, if you didn’t see that it was deadmau5’s name on the album, you’d have no idea he did the tune. A great, calming resonance to finish the album.

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