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Behind the Scenes of Michael Woods’ “We’ve Only Just Begun”

Michael Woods is back with a new single and music video “We’ve Only Just Begun” featuring Ester Dean. Out now on “Ministry of Sound Recordings”, not only is the track phenomenal but a lot also went into this unique, unusual, and creative music video directed by BISON at A+.

Behind the Scenes of We’ve Only Just Begun

Woods approached GB Rhythm Gymnastics team about the music video after being spotted in the London 2012 Summer Olympics. With years of practiced, perfectly synced routines from their extensive training, all the filmmakers had to do was figure out how to catch their movements.

The video uses a process called “trails”, The gymnastic team would wear black leotards with 60 individual LED lights sewn in them; That in turn lets the camera catch their movements and creates the “Trail” effect you see in the video.

Michael Woods ft. Ester Dean – We’ve Only Just Begun [Official Video]

“It’s pretty cool seeing yourself and your team mates on music channels like MTV! It’s good for our sport also as more people might become aware of rhythmic gymnastics after seeing the video–especially as rhythmic isn’t very well known in the UK, but is gradually growing in popularity!” gymnast Frankie Fox explains.

Learn more about Michael Woods. Get more info and tickets for Sound Kitchen ft. Michael Woods on December 7, 2012.


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