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Catching Up With Bass Kleph

After Bass Kleph‘s phenomenal performance at Wild Knight in Scottsdale, we got in touch with him to chat about his performance and his latest production-a track titled “Make Me Forget” which was just recently released.

The new track is inspired by what Bass Kleph describes as “..the most difficult breakup of my life,” and when you hear the track you can sense the emotion he is trying to relay. “‘Make Me Forget’ was about missing my girlfriend, wishing none of our troubles ever happened, and wanting to go back to those amazing times we shared together.”

The unique aspect to this track is that BK himself sang the vocals. In a quick switch from his former tech house roots, he found himself back in the progressive or electro genre. “Musically, I wanted to express a bit more emotion with this song than I could within the boundaries of tech house. This has lead me back to doing more progressive and electro again. I’m really enjoying playing more piano, and writing more vocals again.”

He recently settled down in Los Angeles and has begun some collaboration with major artists such as Morgan Page, Andy Caldwell, Hot Mouth, Prok N Fitch, Kathrin DeBoer, Ron E Jones and several others.

View Photos from Bass Kleph’s recent performance at Wild Knight

One of the most unique aspects of Bass Kleph’s live performances is the gear he plays on. Those lucky enough to have seen him live and experience a track layered instrument by instrument right before their eyes undoubtedly the twist he brings to familiar tracks. Having come from a rock n’ roll background as a drummer, BK found himself adapting his talent to this genre and playing on a the Maschine controller alongside his CDJ’s. “I had years of drumming experience, and wasn’t really incorporating it in my DJ performance. So I went looking for an instrument that could add this element to my sets, while still complimenting the DJing side. Maschine worked out perfect. I’d always loved Akai MPC’s. This was everything I loved about an MPC, and everything I love about a laptop. I use it for writing in the studio quite a lot too.”

Wondering where he got the name Bass Kleph?  “In music theory, it means all the bass heavy, low instruments. This was the part of dance music that first got me hooked. That powerful bass and kick drums. I still try to make sure that no matter what genre I’m writing, I always want my tracks to  be felt through your whole body. Not just heard with your ears.”

For those of you who missed out on what he described as “Hands in the air mayhem!” check out some of the photos from the Bass Kleph and Tommy Trash weekend.

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