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New EDC Las Vegas 2013 Trailer Will Give you Goosebumps

We’re less than a month away from one of the most memorable experiences festival-goers have each year, and Insomniac has given us a new video teaser to drool over as we count down the days.

EDC Vegas 2013 Official Trailer

Opening up with a circus group of festival attendees having their own private hippy dance party, complete with colored powder and a Volkswagen bus, we’re led to the magnificent images of Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas. Shots of the DJs, rides and performers will have you at the edge of your seat in anticipation- but it’s the crowd shots that really get to you.

This video has it all, from the beautiful crowd jumping and flipping throughout the venue to the teary eyed girl emotionally taken by the the experience that is Electric Daisy Carnival, you’ll definitely be getting goosebumps (or boose-gumps if you’re Eric Prydz).

Check out live sets from EDC Chicago this past weekend, and stay tuned for more EDC coverage as we approach the big event!


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