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EDC Las Vegas 2013: The RB Survival Guide

Tonight’s the night to party under the Electric stars! From sunset to sunrise, ravers from across the world will congregate inside the tracks of Las Vegas Motor Speedway, seeing every DJ that you could possibly imagine. Of course, three days in a row makes for quite the rough Monday morning.

Here are a few tips to make it out of Electric Daisy Carnival 2013 alive while still pushing it to the limit:

Hit the rides early or late. If there’s a lull in the lineup halfway through the night, of course everyone will be hitting up the Zippo and the flying swings. Unless you’re dying the ride them at that very moment, I’d suggest getting your fill early, or towards the end when many have headed home.

Bring a drawstring bag. Yes, they are allowed, and you won’t have to worry about getting your pockets picked! Plus, you’ll need somewhere to put your GoPro, phone, water bottle, etc. when you realize that your neon outfit doesn’t have a whole lot of pockets. (I’m looking at you, Pasties Girl.)

If you intend on going to the main stage, I suggest you give yourself sometime to wedge yourself into the crowd before your idol comes on. Peak set times at Kinetic Field are a claustrophobe’s nightmare.


Talk to people. Make friends. Nothing is better than having a nation wide network of ravers that you see about 3 times a year at some of the biggest events!

You WILL need your phone. Trust me, nothing can be worse then losing your group, and wandering the event space alone all night. EDM is meant to be shared.

Plan your schedule accordingly. You could always make an audible, but how lame would it be if you missed your favorite DJ’s only set all festival? (Very lame.)

Tell the wind to go shove it! (EDC 2012 gets it)

EDC Las Vegas 2013 Festival Map


There are many more things you’ll learn tonight and through the weekend, but these are the basics. Enjoy the weekend. We’ll see you on the other side!

Full EDC 2013 Lineup

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