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EDC Spotlight: Yoji

One of my favorite experiences at EDC Las Vegas last year was stumbling into the Q Dance stage during Headhunterz’ performance. In an attempt to find my friends, I decided to meet them in a central, easy-to-find area (it was difficult to miss the pyrotechnics coming from that stage!). I stood in the crowd for about 30 minutes, memorized, unable to look for my friends. The fans were incredibly committed to the energy, which was unlike anything I had seen in dance music.

In this week’s EDC Spotlight, I am featuring one of the most theatrical DJs hitting the Basscon stage (Insomniac’s version of Q Dance), Yoji.

YOJI – Needs [Out May 24th]

At first, Japan’s Yoji caught my attention because of his over-the-top appearance: fake eyelashes, make-up, contact lenses and platinum hair color. I listened through his Beatport profile and found that his eclectic appearance also translated into his music.

Yoji began his career as a trance DJ in his native Osaka. There, he built a solid fan base that followed his eclectic mixture of trance and hard style music.

His current single, “Needs,” is a great segue into hard style for anyone who is interested in branching out into the genre. The track is not as dark as hard style generally tends to be. Yoji will be releasing his newest EP dueTunes in June 2013.

Make sure to hang out at the Basscon stage during Yoji’s set. He will deliver an experience of music and theatrics that if anything will be memorable. You can grab “Needs” out now on Beatport!

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