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Above & Beyond Announces American Acoustic Show

Less than a month after their successful acoustic show at Porchester Hall in London, trance trio Above & Beyond takes their live instrumentation music to Los Angeles for a single night, Saturday, October 12.

Though the location has yet to be announced, they Tony, Jono and Paavo promise that “it’s going to be somewhere very special and fitting.”

Pre-sale opens on August 14, but priority access can be accessed through this link.

A&B music, already known for trance family members goosebumps at clubs and festivals, would be more than amazing to hear live and straight from the instruments themselves. A smooth sounding guitar with a sultry piano riff in the background as the vocalists themselves belt out the lyrics we all know by heart.

If you have one of those friends who say that electronic isn’t really music, bring them to this show. They’ll regret those words as tears roll down their face.

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