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Flux Pavilion Signs Off Social Media

Flux Pavilion has evidently been feeling the pressure of maintaining an active social media presence; the bass king announced over the weekend on, ironically, on Facebook that he’s decided to take a break from posting status posts, photos and videos.

“Every Vine/Twitter/Instagram fills a space in my life that could be filled with writing music or delving into projects that essentially mean a lot more than a bunch of likes,” Flux wrote on Saturday. “I endeavor to keep working on pieces that mean something to me, all else pales in significance.” He posted this to Twitter on July 7.

Flux followed up the post with a more thorough, thoughtful explanation the next day. He explained that, while, “social media is great, and has been incredibly important not just for my career but electronic music in general,” he’d rather be plugging in his guitar than putting out Twitter updates. Flux wrote that he’d once been told that he could only be judged on the strength of his last song, but that the standard has shifted: the idea of a term like, “You are only as good as your last Vine,” [represents] a world that I don’t want to live in,” he explained. Simply put, Flux wrote, “I want to dedicate my mental space to making sure that my music is the best that it can be.”

It’s hard not to sympathize with the young DJ/producer. For EDM artists, social media is a constant chance for interactivity is a double-edged sword: it offers up increased relatability, but at the expense of heightened accountability and scrutiny. For artists like Dillon Francis or Carnage, creating meme-driven YouTube videos or Twitter hashtags come naturally; for other, perhaps more introspective artists, the 24-hour cycle of updating fans can take a toll. Flux Pavilion is no doubt in the latter camp.

Flux Pavilion – Do Or Die (feat. Childish Gambino)

Flux made sure to address his fans – the Twitter and Facebook users who send him messages of encouragement and praise rather than scrutiny – so as not to alienate the fan base that buys his music and attends his shows. “What I do care about is writing music and the people that music means something to,” Flux said. “If that is you then thanks for getting me where I am today.”

Even as Flux Pavilion begins his social media hiatus, there’s still plenty of new material on the way. He recently premiered the video for his Childish Gambino collaboration “Do Or Die,” and announced that a remix EP for the track will debut on July 23.


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