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RB Sits Down With Arty: Russia’s Role In Electronic Movement & His Future Sound

Don’t be mistaken by the title of his recent release. Arty‘s career is far from over. Yet, ‘Grand Finale’ still thrills crowds across the world, using the full voice of Fiora, and signature synths to provide a meaningful tune to embody how far he has come.

As Arty’s sound has transformed from the days of ‘Rebound‘ and ‘Zara‘ to the new Arty of ‘Nehalennia‘ and ‘Together We Are‘, he’s kept his mentality intact. Produce music that inspires not only himself, but the growing population of international electronic enthusiasts.

“If you think that ‘Grand Finale’ has been in the works for over a year then it makes sense,” says Arty. “There is what I was into back then – moods etc. And what I am into now – the new music I am listening to. Taking your time on a record can really produce some great stuff, because it matures and you can refine it.”

Arty feat. Fiora — Grand Finale (Ministry of Sound TV)

Arty leads the way for a country that is contributing to the worldwide electronic dance movement in

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