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Bringing Electronic To Tucson: Big Room Group CEO Sits Down With RB

As the Arizona electronic community descend upon Tucson for this year’s N9NE Fest, Adam Richman, CEO of Big Room Group, takes the time to think about how far nightlife in Tucson has come.

“For both U of A students and residents of Tucson there is a lack of events, and nightlife,” Richman explains. “I felt there was a true void in the market and took it upon myself to fill that void. N9NE Fest was developed to be the ultimate back to school event for U of A students and I think we have done a great job living up to that expectation.”

Running N9NE Fest is a big opportunity for Tuscon to show off its abilities in staging a massive EDM event. Richman thinks that the talents showcased in the southern Arizona city proves that Tucson can rave just as hard as the rest of the country, and beginning with last year’s Tiesto College Invasion tour, he’s teamed up with Thomas Turner and Relentless Beats to bring Tucson the biggest names in dance music.  Together, they make up the biggest EDM promotional entity in Arizona and one of the largest in the southwest US.

Tiesto in Tucson – December 2012

“I think we really had a steady growth/evolution but what’s crazy is how quick everything went,” said Richman. “I’ve been very fortunate to work with some amazing artists that many people thought would never even think about playing in Tucson such as Tiesto, Avicii, Benny Benassi and Diplo.”

Looking forward to N9NE Fest’s September 13 show with Dada Life and beyond, Richman is more than optimistic about what the future holds for Tucson’s potential electronic dance market, particularly when it comes to bringing Tucson more of the world’s biggest artists.

“I don’t think N9NE Fest has ever had an act with so much energy as Dada Life,” said Richman. “It’s really going to pair well with the party vibe that N9NE Fest is…with Relentless Beats we are working on a really really strong line-up for Tucson for the 2013-2014 calendar.”

Tickets for N9NE Fest are available now.

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