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Kaskade Blows Up Twitter Over Atmosphere Tour’s “Not Allowed” List

America’s newly anointed “#1 DJ” Kaskade takes out his shield and sword once again to stand up for his fans and electronic dance enthusiasts everywhere. After word that kandi bracelets would not be allowed at his Atmosphere tour show in Miami, Kaskade decided to rage on twitter, letting everyone know that he’s standing right beside them.

Unfortunately, out of his control, Kaskade had nothing to do with the list, reinforcing the constant struggle of electronic music to get the respect it deserves.

Once again, he turns a shot against the community into a rallying cry for action, like a raver Mel Gibson in glitter paint and fuzzies.

The Kaskade train keeps rolling, speaking out for electronic dance as a whole all to the beat of his latest album Atmosphere. Never forget the power that this music holds.

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