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Rave Run Amps Up The Electronic Scene

Among the slew of electronically enhanced runs that have entered the EDM landscape over the last year, The Rave Run allows for a release of the never-ending energy that pulses through ravers on a nightly basis.

The Rave Run is a night time 2.5-3.1 mile fun run, ending in a giant rave featuring some of the biggest in Phoenix’s dance music scene, DJ Moose and DJ Tranzit.

Neon-splashed hipsters. Lit-up dancers. Runners who experience the connectedness of raves for the first time. The Run will collect actors from every genre and blend them into a cocktail of colorful bliss.

“The goal of The Rave Run is to spice up night runs by introducing the EDM scene to runners,” says a representative of The Rave Run. “Experience a journey through a nocturnal wonderland with stunning lights and music. Celebrate at the after-party for an unforgettable evening of fun.”

Electronic music will pulse through the runners as they (presumably) dance through the 5K stretch. Pumping kandi surrounded by spinning tutus and plastic ray-bans, imagine an entire rave moving forward.

Make sure to squeeze in some extra time to train ravers. Those legs won’t move themselves.

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