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Andrew Bayer and Norin & Rad Release “Prototype​”

Bringing together the sublime musicality of Andrew Bayer with the club-smashing power of Norin & Rad, the new group Artificial is set to release a series of genre-blurring and forward-thinking singles on the wider dance consciousness, beginning with their brilliant “Prototype.”

Originally road-tested by Norin & Rad at Cream Ibiza, and debuted to the world in an ABGT050 set at Alexandra Palace, “Prototype” is a hard-edged, progressive house monster. Building layers of innovative acid-tinged grooves, the track gives way to a deep musical piano breakdown that wouldn’t sound out of place on Andrew’s critically acclaimed iTunes #1 album If It Were You, We’d Never Leave. Dropping back into a dark, bumping progressive groove, “Prototype” brings together a vast array of influences from progressive house, electronica and trance in unique style.

As longtime friends who have also found an especially strong collaborative bond, Andrew, Bruce and Nick have big plans for the future and their new Artificial project. With multiple new works underway, things are looking especially bright for 2014.

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