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Max Vangeli and Danny Ray Slay the Dance Floor With “Grim”

There’s no rest for the wicked on the dance floor and Max Vangeli has teamed up with San Diego producer Danny Ray to tear you to shreds. With a title like “Grim” this one isn’t for wussies. It’s a full on assault that begins with an intense (to say the least) rhythm and drum programming that adds in a splash of dubstep and new age chants. This is the sound of a Mack truck dropped off the top of the Empire State Building.

Injecting an unmistakable energy into every avenue of his career – his debut album alongside best friend AN21 was enough to indicate that with so much momentum already behind him, there is little stopping Max Vangeli; a master of emotive house anthems.

With a worldwide hunger for his bold live endeavours, be it frequent slots at Pacha Ibiza, spots at Sensation White, or his own solo exploits both in America and overseas, Max is an artist who has excelled in taking the energy of his music wherever he goes. Surrounded by an ever-glowing presence on the international club circuit and crucial encounters at some of the most prestigious festivals on offer, Max remains as relentlessly committed to perfecting his craft as ever.

Listen to the preview here.

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