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Martin Garrix and painter Alexander Mijares give back to youth community

On Thursday afternoon teenage wunderkind DJ Martin Garrix and artist Alexander Mijares gave back to the Florida community at the Overtown Youth Center. Garrix spoke with students about the music business and offered hands-on instruction for them on the turntables. Mijares provided guidance to the budding artists who used their own canvases to paint original works inspired by Garrix’s worldwide hit “Animals.”

In addition, Mijares sold an original piece titled “Animals” after Garrix’s biggest hit during Miami Music Week with proceeds going to the Overtown Youth Center.  Beats By Dre also donated products to all the children in attendance.

Founded in early 2003 Overtown Youth Center has set a goal to be an integral part of the community by delivering enrichment services that foster hope and promote life-long learning and success for inner-city youth and citizens by helping build children who are resilient. According to their mission statement a resilient child is one who can live in an environment that is loaded with risk factors, including drugs, crime, and violence but have a chance at growing into a competent and productive members of society.

The event was part of Miami Music Week which culminates with Ultra Music Festival this weekend. For those unlucky enough not to be in attendance a live stream is available on YouTube HERE.


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