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The Prodigy sets sights on “violent sounding” album to be released this year

It’s been two years since The Prodigy revealed plans for a new album that was set to be “darker and heavier”. The pioneers behind the first US-dance explosion have announced the new album is finally set to be released later this year. In a recent interview with NME, The Prodigy’s Liam Howlett stated that the forthcoming album will be “violent sounding” and wilder.

The highly anticipated follow up to 2009’s “Invaders Must Die” will be less-radio friendly and lean more on the edge. Howlett mentioned to NME, “It’s not so much old-school” and will feature a mixture of many different guitar and synth elements. While we were advised the album would be titled “How to Steal A Jet Fighter”, we learned from Howlett himself that it will “definitely not” be called that. He teased that the title is ready to go but will not reveal it just yet as the album has not reached full completion. While we patiently await for this release, The Prodigy will continue to revise the album to ensure all of the tracks are “firing”.

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