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What Makes 12th Planet America’s King of Dubstep?

The crowning of a king is often a long and tedious process, and 12th Planet is no exception to the rule. Having produced Drum and Bass under the alias, Infiltrata, for seven years, John Dadzie has not always has such a high standing in the land of syncopated drums and sub bass frequencies. After seven years of fast breakbeats, Dadzie decided to make his mark in the soils of Dubstep.

Taking on the pseudonym of 12th Planet, Dadzie began to create a campaign for himself to become the American King of Dubstep. He was one of the first American producers to claim this sound, Dubstep having hailed from Europe. The subsonic frequencies rocked the eardrums of the American public and launched a high-speed bullet train of syncopated drumbeats that has yet to pull the emergency brake.

And following his musically messianic entrance into the underground scene of Dubstep, many echoed his sound. The most recognized of these Dubstep pioneers is DJ/producer Skrillex, or Sonny Moore. Dadzie and Moore have collaborated on a number of filthy Dubstep tunes including their 2012 track, “Needed Change.” They put their heads together again in 2013 alongside Kill the Noise for the relentlessly punishing track, “Right on Time.”

12th Planet has also collaborated with the likes of Dirtyphonics, Getter, Datsik, Omar Linx, and a number of tracks with Protohype on his SMOG record label. Having just come off of playing a number of festivals around the world including EDC Las Vegas and Ultra Music Festival, as well as future appearances at the Bassrush Takeover with LOUDPVCK and Kove, his presence is certainly felt. So what is it that makes him the Dubstep King of America? He pioneered a movement. He may not have created the sound, but without 12th Planet, America very well may not have the respect and love for Dubstep that it does today.

Head over to the Pressroom in Phoenix on June 13th to pay your respects to the King of Dubstep, and watch as 12th Planet annihilates the Bassrush Takeover!

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