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Dada Life’s Olle Corneer Takes On IDM

Let me start by saying that I think this is absolutely great. The fact that an artist can show so much diversity in their work is a real indicator of a true musician. Olle Corneer, the guy (along with his Dada Life partner in crime) who is responsible for songs like “Freaks Have More Fun” and “Born to Rage”, has crafted a track that is worlds away from his Dada Life EDM music. This track evokes a sense of mystery with very misty vocals, classifying itself more as IDM (Intelligent Dance Music) rather than EDM. What this means exactly, if you are not familiar with the term IDM, is that it is a more downbeat/non-dance form of electronic music.

Corneer is crafting this music under his alter ego, Night Gestalt. He revealed back in 2014, after being diagnosed with cancer, that he would be releasing an album, One, under this new name. He has been working on the album in seclusion in Sweden, but now we get our first taste. The first track released, as mentioned above, “The Death of SHE” features Corneer on vocals, which just goes to show even further his true ability.

Keep an eye out for more information on Night Gestalt, his beautiful new sound, and an album release date!

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