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Two Major Lazer Albums in the Same Year?

It would appear that Major Lazer shows no signs of stopping with a number of projects in the works including their album Peace is the Mission, their FXX Cartoon series, a number of festival headlining spots, and the release of several singles including the massively successful “Lean On” with DJ Snake. But if Diplo, Walshy Fire, and Jillionaire have anything to say about it, there is even more to come. In a recent interview with inthemix, Walshy Fire, one of the three that make up the trio, announced that another new album, Music is the Weapon, would be released either by the end of this year or the beginning of next.

Major Lazer & DJ Snake – Lean On (feat. M0)(Official Music Video)

In the interview, Walshy Fire states, “For sure, we’re gonna release another album. We already have a name for it, it’s called Music is the Weapon, and it’s gonna come out later this year or early next year for sure… It’ll have a few more club songs, a few more festival songs…but it’ll be in the same spectrum, just super-well-written songs with really great production that the entire world can understand.” With some of the tracks that we have heard off of the upcoming Peace is the Mission, his statement about songs the world can understand certainly rings true. “Lean On” is a world-wide success, and if they can produce two albums with songs of equal quality in the same year, these guys just might be the current reigning kings of electronic music.

As the interview continued, Walshy Fire also talked about their upcoming tour stating, “we’ve got double the dancers – it’s about 11 people – double the everything: pyro, lights. It’s an amazing show, it’s completely different from what you guys have seen, but with the same hardcore energy.” I guess this means that their performance at Mad Decent Block Party in September is going to be one that is sure to drive us all wild and leave us begging for the release of that second album as soon as possible. Don’t forget to pre-order Peace is the Mission which will be released on June 1st and stay tune for more info on Music is the Weapon!

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