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Cazzette’s “Together” Reminds Us What it’s Like to Love

“If I’m gonna stay here for the night, would you let me stay until the morning? Wake up by you side and love you right again.” Oh, young love. With Cazzette’s new single, Alexander Björklund and Sebastian Furrer remind us of that feeling of “loving” someone for the first time, or you know *cough* morning sex. Whether or not love is what’s happening here is up for debate, but regardless, these deeply-spoken lyrics blended with the funky growl of deep house in the background could convince anyone that this song is going to make you want to do more than just “love”.


This time around Cazzette has teamed with Stockholm based vocalist, Newtimers on “Together” and I think they scored with this guy. Cazzette has yet to produce a dud, and this track continues the trend. Their last single, “Blind Heart” went on to become one of their more popular tracks behind the already immensely acclaimed track, “Sleepless”. All of their tracks have a certain character to them, yet they all distinguish themselves so nicely. It is as if Cazzette are seasoned veterans, yet… they’ve only been around since 2011. Pretty crazy.

They recently spoke about how they have found more of a niche, and have begun to recognize the unique and personal sound that they have created for themselves after coming off of more electro-sounding beginnings. On their newer tracks the state that “we always try to reinvent ourselves as producers and not create obvious follow-ups; therefore, we wanted to create individual songs that have their own sound and feel. We are moving more towards music that one would enjoy both at home and on a dance floor, unlike our early sound.” There is no word on when Cazzette will be strolling through Phoenix, but you can catch them at Creamfields in August. Or you know, on that laptop next to your bed… 😉

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