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EDC Week 2015: Showtek and a Very Special Guest Bring the Party to Wet at Night

Aside from the expensive drinks and my friend getting hit in the head with a can, there is nothing negative I can say about our time at Wet at Night with Showtek at Wet Republic in the MGM Grand. I wish that I had some form of camera with me while I was there, but I was too afraid of dropping it in the pool or having to worry about it getting stolen.

The environment there was picturesque. If you enjoy going to clubs, pool, or festivals, you’d have been in heaven. Standing behind the pool looking over it and at the crowd that completely floods the dance floor was something truly magical. The fog covered everyone, sliding through the little space that existed between each body. The purple lights casted rapturous beams through the fog, imitating a scene from Allison in Wonderland… think a trippy, nightclub version of something to do with the Cheshire Cat. Anyway, it was remarkable how perfect the scene was. I’m not sure it gets much better.

Scratch that, it does get better. Take what I just described and add in the fact that you can be right there inside of the Cheshire Cat dream space. Standing in the front of the crowd raging to “We Like to Party”, “GO”, and “Booyah” is something that I had been picturing doing for a very long time and I finally got the opportunity. What I did not anticipate however was the amazing sensory experience that I was exposed to at Wet Republic. Like I mentioned before, the lights were encapsulating, but up close they really took control. At one point I couldn’t even see what was in front of me because of the intensity and stimulation that the lights brought. It didn’t matter that I was bumping into everyone around me, because with those lights, no one could see anything.

And to take it to another level even above where it was at now, Showtek brought out a very special guest to spin along side them for a fraction of their set. This guest was none other than the #1 DJ in the world, Hardwell. He took to the decks to hype the crowd, screaming out to them the excitement that comes with EDC week, and to get them ready for his all famous count down from ten. These types of antics are what you can expect during a performance at the clubs on EDC week, crazy special stuff.

And I have just one final word on Showtek as performers. They have an exciting dynamic between the two of them. One of them sticks to the decks, giving his two cents of hype every so often, but the other remains more of a hype man throughout. They both spin and they both get the crowd excited, but each takes care of one more so than the other. I think that that is good to have in a duo. At the same time you could tell that both of them were enjoying themselves immensely which is the stuff that gets the crowd going, a good dynamic. Stay tuned for more from EDC Week 2015!

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