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Industrial and Tech House Have a New Face and Her Name is REZZ

Prepare to be wowed. There is a new artist in our midst and there is nothing but success on her horizon. Meet REZZ, or Isabelle Rezazadeh, the 20-year-old producer from Niagra Falls, who has been passionately creating beats via Ableton for the last year. Her sound is uniquely industrial and very old school technical, but she blends in some darkness and intensity with her mean synth work and heavy-hitting kick drums. She has recently received a wild amount of attention having been featured on Skrillex‘s Nest HQ and making appearances at both Ever After Festival and Digital Dreams Festival.

When I listen to her music I create images in my head of a very dark, serious, action-packed movie with an abundance of slow motion explosions. Her music is just the epitome of the word “badass”. She has been labeled by a number of sources as the “female answer to Gesaffelstein“, even having a remix to Gesaffelstein and Jean-Michel Jarre’s song “Conquistador”. Her industrial remix of Marilyn Manson’s “This is the New Shit” transforms the song into something even darker than the original (darker than Marilyn Manson?), but it is her original work that truly shines.

Taking influence from the likes of industry trendsetters such as Deadmau5, Bassnectar, Alessia, Pretty Lights, and many more, Rezz has developed some original music that resembles the quality and production of these musical sensations. Speaking of Deadmau5, her original track “Serenity” was recently picked up by Mau5trap, which she states is pretty twisted because of her love and influence from Joel. The song is gritty, terrifyingly bold, and intensely propulsive. It’s no surprise that Deadmau5 is backing this song, he has undeniable taste.

Despite her meteoric rise to fame, Rezz remains humble and true. Via her bio on Soundcloud, Rezazadeh states that “I will eternally give tunes away for free despite signing to SOME labels that cross my path because I want to treat all humans to a delightful first impression. I love & appreciate life and hope the same for you. I’m also obsessed with my dogs. Hope u like my music : )” Going from making music in your bedroom, hopeful for a breakthrough to signing with a label and receiving international acclaim can be a drastic and startling life change, but I think that Rezz has got a good head on her shoulders and has proven that she will be just fine.

In a recent Facebook post, Rezz leaves her fans with a little hint about the future of her career. On June 11th, she posted:

Screen Shot 2015-06-13 at 10.07.35 AM

Could this mean a tour? That is certainly what it sounds like… I guess we’ll just have to wait and see!

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